Wireless City

In 2004 Derry was designated by DETI as Northern Ireland’s Flagship Project for the demonstration of wireless broadband technology.  Derry City Council, the University of Ulster and North West Institute of Further and Higher Education (NWIFHE) have worked in partnership to implement initiatives to create a wireless-enabled working environment in the City for students, lecturers, tourists, city councillors and local government officers. This project has delivered a leading edge wireless network within the City's Historic Walls Council Chamber and Offices, a SMART Classroom environment within the University of Ulster and NWIFHE and the provision of electronic services for tourists including historic and cultural information through wireless devices such as PDAs.

The project has three distinct phases:

  1. Wireless Campus - This element of the project involved provision of wireless networking services on and off campus, development of SMART classrooms and piloting a Tablet PC mandate initiative.
  2. Wireless Council - This strand of the project has built on and developed existing e-government services from both the Council offices on the Strand Road and the Council Chamber in Guildhall Street.
  3. Wireless Walls - This strand has implemented a wireless/mobile network based upon a Wi-Fi networking standard in the historic walled area of the city. The walled city is approximately one mile in circumference. Network access has been provided along two levels of service visitor and business.

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Wireless Walls, Derry

Walled City, Derry