As a result of the INTERREG IIIC-BRISE project, some of the partners became aware and got first hand experience of other region’s good practices and it became apparent that they would be very interested in transferring some of the shared good practices to their own regions. It was felt that an ideal mechanism to get them implemented would be within the framework of an INTERREG IVC Capitalisation project, with a view to develop an Action Plan to be integrated into the regional Operation Programmes.

PIKE involves 5 of the former BRISE partners: Donegal, Derry, Olomouc, Cantabria and Bologna. Vasternorrland and Galway, were aware of the work of BRISE and have participated with the lead partner in other ICT projects and was therefore invited. They share the same ICT challenges and needs and have endorsed the good practices identified.

With the aim of balancing the geographic scope of the project, broaden the partners’ experiences and test the good practices in different socio/economic contexts, the regions of Bulgaria South East and Sterea Ellada were invited to participate. The relevant bodies responsible for the regional Operational Programmes in each region were approached at an early stage, have contributed to draft the proposal and have committed in writing to participate in the project.