Conference; Wireless cities, December 17th 2009, Bologna, Italy

An event will be held in Bologna organised in the framework of the PIKE project by the Municipality of Bologna in close cooperation with Emilia Romagna Region and LEPIDA S.p.A dedicated to local implementation of the project and to regional Wireless systems.

The conference “Wireless cities”  is aimed to:

  • Disseminate good practices and foster Wireless broadband regional experiences, with a particular view to related administrative-legislative problems and sustainability of different “models”
  • Share and make other local and regional realities aware of the project PIKE experience, in particular the Derry (UK) good practice on Wireless, which is one of the two themes the PIKE exchange of experience process is based on
  • Discuss on the future perspectives at regional level of Wireless and New Technologies, particularly regarding the new Emilia Romagna Telematic Plan.

The event, born by a joint committment of Municipality of Bologna, Emilia Romagna Region and LEPIDA S.p.A, foresees a set of presentations and moments of reflections on Wireless, starting from the territorial cooperation experience of the PIKE project, funded by the INTERREG IVC programme as capitalisation project – fast track. The day represents an important  knowledge and exchange of experiences chance for other local and regional entities, experts on systems and broadband infrastructures and related application.

The conference will take place in the Oratorio S. Filippo Neri - via Manzoni, (from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 14,00 to16.30)

Conference programme

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Workshop 24 September 2009, Brussels: "eGovernment good practices transfer between regional authorities: experiences and challanges of Interreg IVC Capitalisation projects"

The aim of the workshop is twofold:

  • to disseninate the award-winning eGovernment and Wirelsee broadband good practices which form the basis of the PIKE-project
  • to share and discuss the issues surrounding the transfer of good practises into mainstream EU Structural Funds programmes, which is the core element of the regions for Economic Change Fast Track networks

For workshop registration go to the ePractice portal:

The European Commission's General Directorates for Information Society & Media and for Regional Policy along with the Interreg IVC Secretariat and the PIKE project consortium have joined forces to produce this half-day event which will comprise  a variety of presentations, panel discussions and a round table session.


Conference: Innovative ICT & E-Government Practice

Learning from European Regions
25th november 2008

This high profile European conference brought together experts from business, the public sector, academia and European Commission. The objective of the conference was to promote the environment (physical, administrative, social and economic) in which innovative practice in egovernment, broadband and wireless technologies can be transferred throughout Europe to improve services for citizens.

The conference profiled award-winning models of best practice including: urban and rural planning, integrated aid management, e-government and wireless applications. Business innovators provided delegates with an insight into revolutionary technological innovations for the delivery of public services in the future.

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Delegates at the conference 


Fast Track
Committé Reports

2-4 September 2008

26 November 2008